'Thor 2,' dubbed 'The Dark World,' will see Chris Hemsworth return as Marvel's mighty God of Thunder to crush some new foes with his hammer, and the first trailer is said to drop next week on April 23 (according to the film's international Facebook page). In anticipation, Marvel has unleashed the first poster, and though it doesn't reveal much, it's definitely got our geek juices flowing.

Though 'Iron Man 3' has been dominating the minds of Marvel fans as of late, we can't forget about 'Thor: The Dark World.' The sequel adventure for the Mjolnir-wielding superhero is now front and center in the first 'Thor 2' poster, meaning the first trailer isn't far behind.

'The Dark World' will see Thor pitted against the Dark Elves, led by the villainous Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) and his right-hand man Algrim/Kurse (), as they attack Asgard. (For more SPOILER-y information on the 'Thor 2' plot, click here.) Tom HiddlestonNatalie Portman and Kat Dennings also return to their respective roles for the outing, among some new faces.

'Thor 2' hits theaters November 8, and you can check out the first full poster below. Stay tuned for when the first trailer hits.

Thor 2 Poster
Marvel Studios

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