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The Avengers 2 Is Already In Production
I don't think anyone is shocked that a second Avengers movie is on it's way after the first one made over $207 million in it's debut weekend. On top of all the movies "Avenger" attractions will be opening in Disney theme parks soon. I am little surprised just how man…
Avengers Trailer Hidden At The End Of Captain America [VIDEO]
Last week I took my daughter to see 'Captain America: The First avenger'. I really liked it and so did she. They paid enough respect to the comic and did enough to bring in the average movie goer. One caution for you. Don't bother seeing it in 3D we did and you really don't need …
I’m Proud To Be American – Levack Rant [AUDIO]
I've noticed a VERY disturbing trend. At some point it became rude, narrow Minded and even xenophobic to be Proud To Be American! Please explain to me how me being proud of where I'm from and what my country does for the world makes me rude to others.
Meet The Red Skull
The Captain America movie is coming out on July 22nd. I for one can't wait. I think one of the things I'm most excited about is they brought in one of the best bad guys of all time to play the Red Skull. Who happens to be one of the best bad guys in comic book history...
Marvel Puts Out The Torch
This is my inner comic book geek speaking.
In the most recent issue of "The Fantastic Four" The unthinkable happens.

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