Actors do amazing things for movies, they will literally agree to transform their own bodies to make a movie more believable. Sometimes they get lucky and need to look buff and they get a personal trainer and eat well and wind up looking amazing and sometimes they have to go the other way. We have seen this type of transformation before like with Tom Hanks when he filmed Cast Away but somehow seeing Thor himself wasted away to nothing seems so much more shocking!

I have to admit when I first saw this pic that Chris himself tweeted I honestly could not believe what I was seeing, he even jokes that he would not reccoment "Lost at Sea" as a diet.

Ugh, the good news is he already is getting back to the hunk all you ladies love, so no worries Thor will return.

The Move, In The Heart OF The Sea looks amazing by the way, if you have not heard about it , it is an epic movie about Melville's" Moby Dick".

Check out the trailer.

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