Some people may roll their eyes or perhaps even low-key try to shame those who frequent area chain restaurants.  I am not one of those people. They may not be as well received as local 'mom and pop' style restaurants and I get that, but chains have their place when it comes to dining.  They're convenient, consistent, and usually offer a solid value, even if the food seems to be made with 'less love'.  The truth is, whether we love em' hate em' or just tolerate them - some popular chains are struggling for business and according to industry insiders - may not be around much longer.   Here are 5 that we all have frequented in our area that could be the weakest (chain) link of them all.

  • Chili's Chili's isn't doing so hot lately, and has seen declining business for some time now. Additionally, their stock plummeted 40 percent in 2017.They recently slashed about 40 percent of their entire menu in an attempt to streamline and simplify operations. They've also ramped up an aggressive marketing campaign to try and get more people through the door.
  • Subway  In 2016, they closed a whopping 359 locations in the United States in a move that's  the largest retrenchment in their history, dropping the number of stores to 26,744 from 27,103. The imprisonment of former spokesperson Jared Fogle for child pornography possession certainly didn't help the business either.
  • Hooters  In fact, they closed seven percent of their locations between 2012 and 2016, and sales have been stagnating according to industry experts. Has America's obsession with breasts gone away?
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  • Buffalo Wild Wings  Fewer foods are more iconically American than chicken wings, but that's not providing much solace for Buffalo Wild Wings, whose stock numbers have been disappointing as of late, especially when compared to fast-casual powerhouse Panera.
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  • Ruby Tuesday's Ruby Tuesday, once a familiar staple in malls around the country, hasn't been running in the red for a long time. As of August of 2017, they reported a revenue drop of 12.8 percent, which is not surprising given that they closed over 100 stores the year prior.  This is very disappointing to me in paticular as I've always had an affinity for their awesome salab bar and quick service.  They make a darn good burger too.See the rest of the list at