This morning we talked a little bit about open marriages.  I thought very few couples would be into sharing, but I was wrong!

A new study asked married people if they'd consider having an open relationship where they could have sex with other people, and their husband or wife could too.

And, shockingly, 52% of men and 33% of married women said they'd be open to it!

But, what if you're partner isn't into it at all, and you ask them about it?  Yikes.

45% of men and 70% of married women say they'd end their marriage if their spouse asked if they could sleep with someone else!  Whoa!

Based on those percentages, it means there are several men and women who would consider an open relationship, but some would divorce you immediately if you actually proposed it.  So good luck with that!

Couple Kissing on an Elevator

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