Let me start by saying that I really don't enjoy getting all dressed up. So when I find a dress I like, I usually buy it in a couple of different colors. Well the dress that I found and love, I enjoy wearing to weddings, but I think it may be jinxed. This navy blue dress is not only comfortable, but I am told that it looks very slimming on me. I have worn it to a few weddings. I have the same dress in black. Needless to say, it's my go to dress at fall and winter weddings. I think the navy blue one may be cursed.

Chrissy Cavotta
Chrissy Cavotta

The first time I wore it was to Brian's second wedding. They were married for less than a year. Then a couple of years ago, I wore it to a family friend's wedding. It was a beautiful very elaborate wedding at the Hall Of Springs. They lasted six months.

Well now I plan on wearing it Saturday to my girlfriend's sister's wedding. The color scheme is navy blue and maroon. So I figured with Ryan wearing navy blue and Jenn in maroon, our pictures would look nice in the same colors. But I am starting to think my navy blue dress makes couples get divorced.

Someone suggested spraying it with sage to get rid of the evil spirits. Should I do this to cover my bases or is it ridiculous? I don't want to make it a three peat especially now that it's family. Please help.

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