Every couple has arguments, but not every couple can air them live on the radio. Jess and Jim are having a debate. Listen to both sides and vote to let us know who's right.

You heard both sides, now you get to vote. In the case of "Hindsight Isn't Always 20/20," who do you think is right?

Jim casually mentioned to Jess that he thought it'd be a great idea to get married in 2020. They've been together for a long time, lived together for over a year, it's time, and it doesn't hurt that the year would look cool too. He says that it's the year of the Olympics, year of an election, and a leap year so there's a lot going on, "it must be a good year." Jess wants to marry him but they're not engaged yet. In order to be married next year, they would have to not only get engaged this year but have to plan a wedding by next year. Jess just thinks it's too soon, doesn't want to rush and thinks that he shouldn't base his decision on the year because "it looks cool."


Put yourself in their shoes. If this was an argument you were having with your significant other, which side would you be on?

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