Every couple has arguments, but not every couple can air them live on the radio. Jess and Jim are having a debate. Listen to both sides and vote to let us know who's right.

You heard both sides, now you get to vote. In the case of "The One Ring Circus" who do you think is right?

Jess and Jim have been together for awhile and aren't engaged yet. Jess isn't putting any pressure on him to propose but Jim's problem is with the people around them. Jess' Mom started calling Jim Jess' husband because she says "She doesn't know if they'll ever get married" and Jess and Jim's friends are constantly pressuring Jim to buy a ring or ask him when he's going to propose. Jim has an issue with Jess not doing anything to stop it. Jess says it's just something that comes with the territory of being together so long and not at least engaged. They know she's not in a rush so if they continue to act that way, talking to them isn't going to do anything.

Put yourself in their shoes. If this was an argument you were having with your significant other, which side would you be on?

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