Your votes matter for all of your favorites!

Food, fun, shopping, entertainment—we all have our favorite spots and people and this is the final week for you to let your voice be heard in the Times Union's Reader Poll!

Sure, I mean there might be a category that allows you to choose your favrorite radio station (*cough cough* GNA *cough cough*). And there might even be a category to put your favorite radio personality (my name is Marissa, nice to meet ya!) But, it's totally up to you on who and what you place on that little line. Though, I will say this: you're reading my blog. Soooooooo...

To get your votes in click away right here oh, and remember to fill in at least 20 of the questions otherwise they won't count it and well, no one wants that to happen! The deadline is 3 p.m. today, April 15!

Just in case you missed that link it's RIGHT...HERE.

And, right, just in case you do vote for GNA or myself, let me be the first to tell you that you have amazing taste and, "Thank you!"

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