It's funny how things work. I have been meaning to write a blog about a friend of mine for a while now. He is a contractor, and I didn't want to write a blog about him because he is my friend, I really wanted to because you don't really come across people who run a business like he does anymore. With integrity. It came up again because Richie mentioned on the show , and in his blog today that he had some plumbing issues to work on.I told him what I've told him before, call my friend Matt. After I tell you a little about him, you will too.

Last year I wanted to finish my basement but I didn't really want to spend a fortune and really had no idea where to begin. If your anything like me, you hate having to get a lot of estimates and compare especially when you have no idea of the talent or dependability of the contractors. So, one day I called Matt over, he was mostly doing union commercial stuff at the time, and I said take a quick look and tell me what you think. Ten minutes later , he had it mapped out in his head and said, I'll do it for materials and some beer. Well of course I wasn't going to do that so I made him give me a price, one he would normally give, he did. Still low. So I called a neighbor who had recently had his basement done and I just matched that price. Well I still made out like a bandit because Matt did an amazing job. Whats more, I just said make it look good, I'm happy. He was the one who went with the recessed lighting and the wood floors instead of the carpeting I was thinking about. Wow, was I glad he did. The other thing I noticed about Matt is, if he has to for someone else to finish something, before he can do whatever he wants to work on, he has a nasty habit of FINDING things to fix. Like when he went to use my outside faucet to clean off a tool he noticed it was broke, I knew this and was totally not ever going to get around to fixing it, Matt replaced it. No charge. I figured well it's because we are friends. Nope.

The first picture is my basement after the walls and recessed lighting were put in, the second is after the floor, but before he did the trim work. ( also, the hole to the right in the second pic was where he put a small storage closet under the stairs for me. the stairs were open before that.)

I then recommended him to put in some floors for a friend I work with, as she was upset at the quotes others had given her for the job. He went over met her, gave her a quote and she hired him right there. Here is the funny part, she told me she had a box of lights she was going to install over the bar and wondered if she should have him do it when he finished the floors. I said, sure but before you even do that , just put the box out there in the area he is working. She did. When she got home that night they were installed.

Last story, though I have many more from people I have recommended him to. Another couple I know bought a new house, they wanted to get some work done on it before they moved in, Matt did all that for them and more. The thing they loved about him was when they told him about an expensive project they wanted to do, and were prepared to pay for, he actually showed them how they can get a similar "look" at a much lower cost even though that also meant much less "labor" cost for him. He was more concerned about their budget.

SO this is why I felt I had to write a blog about the guy. You just don't find people like this anymore. And fortunately for you , I convinced him to start his own company so others can benefit like I and my friends did. SO please if you want or need or are thinking about having something done call him. There isn't really anything he does not know how to do, residential or commercial, and you simply can't pay enough for the kind of piece of mind you will have with the job getting done right. I only ask two things, if you like the job he did, pass it along to others, and when he gives you the quote say, " OK Matt, but I'll probably make you take more than that." And you will.

So give Matty a call, 858-0721 and tell him Sean told you to call!

God Bless.