Grayson was diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes (t1d) at just 13-months old. His mama started noticing changes in behavior, constant thirst, as well as tremors and seizure like space outs. All of this led to doctor appointment,  after emergency room stop, after hospital visit and an eventual diagnosis. But, how can you know when a baby who can barely say "hi" isn't feeling "normal?"

T1D is an autoimmune disease in which a persons pancreas stops producing insulin. The insulin naturally produced allows the average person to gain energy from the food they consume. In the case of T1D, the bodies immune system attacks and destroys the insulin producing cells within the pancreas, which are known as beta cells. It has nothing to do with diet, exercise, or lifestyle and it's baffled scientists as to the cause but it can occur within adults or kids alike.

Little Grayson has dealt with more in his short life than most deal with in 10 or 20 years, maybe a lifetime. So, what was the next step for him and family? A service dog.

The unfortunate truth when it comes to a service dog is the cost, which has been the biggest problem since finding out what is going on with Grayson. The insurance companies cause blocks and problems and the cost of medications and shots are through the roof, a service dog wasn't going to be cheap or easy to get.

After an online campaign and a fundraising lunch/party at Graney's Stout, with your help over $5,000 was raised to bring some comfort to the family!

July 8th, Grayson along with Mommy & Daddy hopped on a plane and headed to Salt Lake City to pick up, Lumen, their beautiful little service puppy. She's young, but already properly trained and by the time they were at the airport to return home, she had not only alerted Mommy & Daddy about Grayson but also someone else in the airport that is diabetic! What a smart little pup!

Now as the days go on, the bond continues to form and grow between Grayson and Lumen. A dog is mans best friend, after all, huh? In this case, Lumen is a little lifesaver!

To think, it's all because of YOUR help! So, THANK YOU for being awesome to this amazing little boy!

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