After years of waiting, Hamilton is coming to Schenectady this week but ahead of opening night, Proctors is completely changing what you're allowed to bring into the theatre.

An email went out over the weekend that Proctors has decided to completely change the rule when it comes to what is allowed in the theatre for the showings of Hamilton. With previous shows, aside from security and police on-site, there hasn't been any large measure to hinder what is or isn't allowed in the theatre.

Proctors will be enforcing a clear bag policy for all performances of Hamilton. What that means is that no bag will be allowed in the theatre unless it is in a specially-sized clear bag - no exceptions. If you wish to bring a bag into the theatre, it must be clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC, and not exceed 12′′x12′′x6′′ OR a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag. Anything that doesn't fit into those sized bags must be left at home, in your car, or checked in the bag check.

Aside from the obvious safety reasons, there was no explanation as to why this rule will start with Hamilton or if this rule will continue for future shows at Proctors. Be sure to let others going to the show, know of this rule to avoid confusion and wait times.

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