I have so many questions but all of them start the same way - why?

Something about this story really made me laugh so I'm so happy to share it with you if you haven't seen it before. A man in California was caught via the smart doorbell Ring licking a doorbell. One of the first places I saw it was News4Jax.com and luckily while this bizarre thing was happening, no one was harmed. Believe it or not, the story gets even weirder.

Not only did the man, who still hasn't been apprehended, lick the doorbell but he did it for a total of three hours. The owners of the house weren't home but their children were but luckily, they didn't hear anything. Could you imagine opening your door to that?

Do you ever think how there are people who do this on the same planet as you? Regardless of your beliefs of nature vs. nurture, think for a second how you were raised. If you were maybe placed in a different part of the country, different group of friends, or different circumstances, you could be a doorbell licker!

Police are saying that they haven't found the man yet, but even if they do I have no idea what charges they would have against him. Either way, this whole thing is bizarre and I'm still left so confused.

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