Yes, you read that correctly. It seems there is a haunted house in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania that would like you to really fave your biggest fear of all, being naked.

That's right, for the most part this haunted house is much like the others that you would experience. it will be dark, you will have ghouls and demons jump out at you but YOU will be entirely naked.

Shocktoberfest Facebook Page
Shocktoberfest Facebook Page

Apparently the idea came from the Discovery Channel's show, "Naked and Afraid". The essence of it all is that when you are naked you feel even more vulnerable and thus, more afraid. I can understand that because if I hear a bump in the night and have to go investigate, I always get dressed first, in at least my pants.

The "naked" haunted house actually takes place after midnight and you do have to have a special ticket for it, so all of the regular customers will be gone. . You then can choose between "nude" or "prude" , the prudes would still keep their underwear on. Then you travel through the haunted house in what I believe would be a very terrifying experience.

Sadly, I think for me, the scariest thing they could put in that haunted house would be a mirror in a well lit room!

Would you try it?

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