Last year around this time I gave you a list of the top places where you're legally allowed to be nude in public. Either new places opened up or their names got out there because the list is updated and here are some more options.

I've personally never been to a nude area or nude beach just because it's not something I'm comfortable doing. With so many options, it seems that it's more popular that I had originally thought. New York Upstate made a list of some more places where it's acceptable to be nude in this beautiful New York summer.

  1. Alice Falls (Keeseville): there's a sign that warns you that swimming is prohibited there but you'll probably still find people enjoying the water and though considered a family-friendly spot, be warned, many people there will be nude.
  2. Skinny Dip Falls (Western NY): the name pretty much gives it away that nudity is allowed on this mile long beach you can find within Chautaqua Gorge State Forest.
  3. Spier Falls (Gansevoort): I mentioned this one in my last post but because it's so close to the Capital Region, another mention didn't hurt. Nudity isn't technically allowed but it is generally accepted. Swimming is also prohibited but not carefully enforced so enter and experience at your own risk!
  4. Steph's Pond (Western NY): this facility is extremely private so if you're looking to visit this nudist resort east of Rochester, you have to contact them first before they'll even give you an address.
  5. Bare Lake Nudist Club (Near Corning): this is another nudist club you have to call ahead of time for location information. Along with relaxing in your skivvies, you can participate in nerf battles too!
  6. Howe Caverns: not all of the time but coming up on July 14th is their "Naked and Afraid" naked tour of their caves. Ticket sales went so well, I'd keep an eye out for another event like this.

There are even more naked locations to check out, you can find them here.

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