Having a tough Monday on the job? If you are a cat lover, this may be just the thing to put a smile on your face!

Even if you are not a cat lover, everyone loves watching cats do crazy fun things, right? I mean, how else would we get all those cat videos on Facebook.

The Mohawk Humane Society has launched a 'kitty cam' that is now live from 10am to 5pm everyday, according to New York Upstate. It is all an effort to help drive adoption rates by allowing potential owners to view the cats and kittens available.

I always wonder what our cats Ebony and Stirling do when we are not at home, so maybe I will watch this today to get a little insight. And what a great way for you to meet potential cats if you are thinking of adopting! The Mohawk Humane Society is a great organization and you should definitely check the cam out and visit them if you are looking to adopt.

So if you like to watch cats and kittens play, or maybe see them do a few nutty things to make you smile while you work, check out the kitty cam below!

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