Way to make me proud, Halfmoon.

It's true, it takes one bad apple in the bunch to ruin a good thing. Not that Halfmoon is ruined by this news story, it's just one more ridiculous story of something dumb and unnecessary happening.

credit New York State Police
credit New York State Police

Jessie Kowalski was, according to Police approached by Troopers within a parking lot. They were alerted of a woman stealing items from a nearby gas station. As they went to investigate, with her door open, Kowalski is said to have put her car in reverse, hitting two of the Troopers and took off.

Nothing says "innocence" like knocking over some Troopers and fleeing the scene.

After a brief chase, State Police say that she was arrested and charged on two counts of assault along with Reckless Endangerment, Unlawful Fleeing a Police Officer (is this ever lawful?), DWAI-charges, Petit Larceny,  and they threw in some traffic tickets too for good measure.

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