UFO or Nah? Woman Films Odd Light Beams in Albany County - What Did She See?

It's not conclusive, but that's what makes it so interesting, at least for me anyway.

A woman in Albany County shared a video she took over the weekend consisting of a series of unexplained darting light beams emanating from the nighttime sky.  What was it?

Michelle Johnston from Knox said she noticed the lights when she was outside with her dog. Upon seeing what she described as  "strange beams", she immediately started recording. "I was outside with my pup and I just happened to look up.  I was kinda...dumbfounded," she explained.

Given the circumstances, anyone would be.

The video is only 24 seconds long, but there's plenty to see and Johnston told us while she lives in Knox, the actual occurrence appeared to be off in the distance a short way, facing Duanesburg.


"I was outside with my pup and I just happened to look up. I was kinda …. dumbfounded. They were moving in circles, it happened 4 times- Michelle Johnston, Knox NY


Johnston, confused by what she filmed, posted the off occurrence to her Facebook page and a series of comments filled up her feed, most people were amazed, and others offered up theories. "It reminded me of the Altamont Fair spotlight except this was inside the clouds," she said.

Most say it probably wasn't lightning considering how cool it was that night, and there weren't any storms.

So, just what did Johnston film over the weekend in Albany County?

Was it a series of lightning strikes, a spotlight, or perhaps aliens, it's all anybody's guess at this point.

See the video here, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, let us know!

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