In her rather contentious Facebook post, a Colonie woman "doesn't recommend the Barnsider Restaurant" in Colonie.  According to the post, what started off as a Sunday night out celebrating her mom's birthday at the popular Colonie restaurant, turned heated and violent. The woman alleges that a female manager at the Barnsider slapped her in the face.

In a story reported on by the Times Union, Steve Barnes chronicles some details alleged in the lengthy Facebook post by the alleged victim. The Times Union article doesn't name the woman who is making these particular claims, because they"have not confirmed the name on the Facebook account is the woman’s legal name."

According to the Facebook post that has been linked back to the Times Union, the woman is going by the name of "Tabitha Alexandra." 

Tabitha claims that her and her family "came to the barnsider tonight to celebrate my mothers birthday. My family enjoys a good celebration. We ate and drank and laughed and the service was just fine all along."

But that's when according to the alleged victim, things took a turn for the worse.  While waiting to settle up on the bill, some family members decided to have another round of drinks.  At that point, Tabitha claims that the "waiter informed us that the female manager on duty had stated that my entire family was “cut off” because we were “wasted."

A short time later, it's alleged by Tabitha, that her and the restaurant manager got in each other's faces.  Things were heated back and forth and according to Tabitha, the restaurant manager told her and her family to "“GET THE F***K OUUUTTT!!!”

The alleged victim claimed on Facebook that she stepped towards the manager, they exchanged some unpleasantries and that's when according to Tabitha the manager slapped her in the face.

According to the Times Union, the Colonie Police were called to the scene and they did review video footage of an incident that took place that night.  According to the TU report police say the "security recording does not have a clear angle on the pair at the time, and what is visible does not show a slap."

While the alleged victim did say that she filed a complaint against the manager, the Times Union is reporting that as of Tuesday evening, "Tabitha" had not contacted the Colonie Police department.

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