So last night, I had to remind the "Coupon Lady" that the many minions of people who follow her weekly will surely be wanting to see this weeks coupon blog. This exchange was overheard by my 14 year old, Andrew. He then said, "Hey Dad can I write an article for you?" Well when a 14 year old boy wants to volunteer to write an article, you have to let him right? So after I checked him for a fever he went to his room for a while and came up with his thoughts on an ever changing technological world.

I think that you might be surprised, I know I was when he said "I'm gonna write about technology" I clearly thought it would be a diatribe about how cool the world will be with flying cars and lasers. Instead this is what he wrote:

Why is Technology so Important?

Now before all of you jump to conclusions and say, “Well cause I need my cell phone!”, Hear me out.

You know, Michio Kaku once wrote that in the next century or so, maybe as close as 50 years from now, our minds will control robots, which control the world. It's a hard idea to wrap your head around, sure, but think about it. Cancer cells will be recognized before they duplicate to any harmful exponential size.

You will be able to go on Facebook via data from your eye retina. When you go to the “Doctor”, you will really be visiting a software system that completely analyzes every square inch of your body, finds the proper diagnosis, and prescribes you with the corresponding medicine or treatment.

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How far is too far?

Moore's law is the idea that everything in the universe must have an end. This portrays to the technological revolution, of course. Every product you buy, each year, is twice as fast and capable of the previous model, or the previous years model. So if the RAPIDLY expanding technological revolution does end, then will there be any need for anything else? Surely by that time Chips from an average households computing system will be ten times as intelligent as the human brain. That's an average household. So does that mean that the human brain will finally reach it's inevitable end of expansion? If technology keeps on track, then yes.

What will happen to the economy? Nobody will have a reason to purchase another model because they already have the most upgraded or same model with the same computing power as the last, and any after that. Think about it. We will have to come up with entire new markets to keep any Civilization thriving. You think the economy is bad now, man...

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So when your eating dinner with your family tonight, stop and think. Will this be even proper etiquette in 10 years? Will there be a family? Or will it just be you and your computing system that you control via your retina?

People need to think before we create this massive technological world. What you have now, even Christmas that is coming up soon, it's possible IT won't exist. Cherish your family and everything you have because one day in the near future, there probably won't be a need for that plate you're eating off of right now.

By Andrew McMaster

So all I can say after that is, Andy, great job. And, Man I make amazing kids!


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