Some days most of us would would appreciate a simple text back from a friend wondering what's up for the weekend. Maybe we just need more friends like the coyote in this viral video that shows him excitedly waiting to for his adventure buddy; an unlikely waddling wobbly badger.

I saw this video of the coyote waiting for the badger on their way through an underground tunnel and I'm not sure what I loved more.  Was it the way the coyote jumped up and down alerting his buddy that it was safe to make the plunge?  Or was it the way the badger gladly accepted and then shuffled behind his pal? Either way, this video is adorable and I only hope it ends with the two of them chillin' safely in the wild together, eatings berries and giving each other belly rubs.

I can't lie- for a split second I worried that the wily coyote might be trying to seduce the badger down the dark tunnel preparing for his next mea----nah, that would never happen.  Not in this video anyway.

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