Masked Intruder at My Apartment Complex Captured [PICS]
It was quite an eventful afternoon at my apartment complex yesterday. Many people were out and about because of the nice weather but there was another reason we were all outside trying to catch a glimpse. The word spread quickly that there was a masked intruder roaming around near our apartment.
Wildlife Cam Catches Coyote + Badger Being Best Buds
Some days most of us would would appreciate a simple text back from a friend wondering what's up for the weekend. Maybe we just need more friends like the coyote in this viral video that shows him excitedly waiting to for his adventure buddy; an unlikely waddling wobbly badger.
When It Comes To Wildlife, Look But Don’t Touch
According to the Times Union, A bear cub was euthanized recently in order to be tested for rabies after it scratched a woman trying to rescue it from the Great Sacandaga Lake on Septemeber 9th.  I'm sure the woman not only had great intentions, but was doing what a lot of people in that same situati…
Tips To Avoid Animal-Vehicle Collisions
This time of year, more than any other time, you will see an influx of wildlife on or near the roadways in the Capital Region and across the state. Here are some tips to keep you safe on the roadways.

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