This is really a great idea for you travelers that can't stand the "shlepping" of your bags. You might as well go Lugless!   Plus a famous comedian cashes in once again by distributing his own movie.   It's Tech Talk! website

So there's this new company out there with a brilliant idea.  It's called Lugless.  "Travel Without The Baggage".  That's their slogan.  I'd love it to be mine! The last time we flew they charged us $25 a bag extra and we really weren't planning for that!

You place your order online.  You pay online using a credit card, and they send you a packet in the mail with all the tags and info you need to get it shipped.  They actually were featured on Shark Tank!  Here's a video:

Sorry, Mr Wonderful, but I think it's a great idea!

 Louis CK's New 1998 Online Movie

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Louis CK is pretty inventive in terms of his marketing prowess.  He has already produced his own comedy special that he sold exclusively off of his website and did great with.

Now he's at it again.  In 1998, according to Rolling he did a movie with Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Conan O'Brien, Wanda Sykes and others called "Tomorrow Night".  It didn't do well back then, so he is putting it out on his website next month.  It will set you back $5.00.

Here's a trailer for it.

Amazing how young they all look.  It also makes you realize that none's an "overnight sensation".  I truly believe that all of these big stars have paid their dues.