I've heard plenty of people complain about New York state. The term "Smallbany" has been thrown around quite a bit, but ya know what? I'm a fan. I love where we live and I think a lot of the time it gets a bad rap from our townies who just like to complain.

I say all of that because there are plenty of areas that have it much worse off. In fact, MSN just compiled a list of each town, in each state that is the poorest. While we can complain about some stuff, I'm sure, it could be a whole lot worse.

So, which town in New York is considered the poorest? They've based this on a few things: The average home income vs the state median, poverty rate and town population. When all of that is taken into consideration, Salamanca, New York, which is just under 5 hours away from our Capital Region is the poorest.

The average home income is under $60k a year and just over 28% of the Salamanca population is at poverty level.

This seems pretty bad until you witness the average home income for North Adams, Massachusetts: $38,490.

The Federal Government states that 46 Millions people across the United States are living in poverty. If you are finding that you and your family are struggling, speak with a career advisor that may help: New York State or Massachusetts.

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