Which Town is the Poorest In New York? How About Massachusetts?
I've heard plenty of people complain about New York state. The term "Smallbany" has been thrown around quite a bit, but ya know what? I'm a fan. I love where we live and I think a lot of the time it gets a bad rap from our townies who just like to complain.
I say all of that because there a…
Japanese Reactors–The World Watches
If the horror of the earthquake, colossal loss of lives and the devastation of the Tsunami that followed weren't enough for the people of Japan to endure, now the world watches as they reactors of a damaged nuclear power plant are overheating.
Tsunami Waves Reach American Mainland in California
I was riveted to my radio in the car at 4am this morning as the reports of the huge and Armageddon like 8.9 earthquake struck Japan and then swallowed the island up in the killer Tsunami waves. Shortly after that reports of the 4.9 earthquake in Hawaii and another smaller Tsunami which swamped …
Jake’s Baby Making Machine Diet
Apparently what you eat if you are a guy has a lot to do with your ability to impregnate your significant other. After reading up on this subject I may be able to point you down the dietary "Utopia" of fertility thanks to MSN.