Whether you want to admit it or not, we live in the Northeast and snow is coming. We may as well embrace it and take a look at this list for ways to actually enjoy the snow this year instead of always complaining about it.

You may think that you have to go to the fancy mountains to enjoy winter and they're great but you can go to come great hidden local places too! New York Upstate put together a great list, are there any places you could add?

  1. Capital Hills Golf Course, Albany - rolling hills perfect for snow tubing, flatter surfaces for cross country skiers, and a restaurant for a hot meal to warm you up afterward.
  2. Frear Park, Troy  - also great for tubing and cross country skiing, this park though also gives you great views of the catskills and adirondacks
  3. Lincoln Park, Albany - shaped like a deep bowl, this park is just asking for you to snow tube there!
  4. Hunter Mountain, Hunter - a ski resort with great offerings for downhill, tubing, as well as snowboarding and you can reminisce about Taste of Country from the summertime too!
  5.  West Mountain, Queensbury - another ski resort with a number of chutes available and the ability to chain five tubes together.
  6. Maple Ski Ridge, Schenectady - a family-owned ski resort with smaller mountains for downhill, snowboarding, and tubing but beautiful woods if you're interested in cross country skiing too.

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