If you are single this Valentine's Day, the state of New York is a great place to be.

That's right. When it comes to ranking the best states to be single in, New York ranks a respectable 16., according to a Wallethub study. And it think the most important stat I took from this study, New York actually has the 4th highest share of single adults in the country. This means you are in one of the best spots in the nation to meet someone.

So how did Wallethub come up with their overall rankings? They are based on 'dating opportunities,' 'dating economics' and 'fun and romance.' New York ranked super high in dating opportunities (#5), dead last in dating economics (#51 - no surprise here) and a respectable #11 in fun and romance.

So what does it all mean? If you can find some affordable places for your dates, you are golden! And based on our high ratio of single folks, the chances are pretty good your someone is right here in New York.


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