Yes, it means the end of summer but it's one of the best reasons to live in the Northeast. Now there's a map to predict when you can expect leaves to hit their peak and when it's ready to get ready for colder weather.

I found a great map thanks to Smoky Mountains that gives an interactive map on when you can expect the leaves to change all over the country.

No worries about Labor Day weekend, though there may be some anomalies, we should expect to see any leaves changing any where in the country yet. As the month goes on, though, the map starts to get more yellows, oranges, and reds on there.

As of September 10th, we should start seeing the leaves changing but according to the map in our area, it'll just be "minimal." Then, it moves to "patchy" by September 17th. Then, "partial" by September 24th and "near peak" by October 1st. If you're looking for a great week to head to the Adirondacks to see the leaves, they recommend Columbus Day weekend, October 8th, when the leaves are at "peak." After that, it's officially fall and the leaves won't be as pretty anymore.

You can see the interactive map and see how the leaves look all over the country on the Smoky Mountains website. Do you travel anywhere to see the leaves?

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