Reel Seafood Co. has been a staple on Wolf Road for thirty-six years and today it is closed for good. The announcement was made through email this morning. According to Times Union Table Hopping, the reason for the restaurant closing isn't entirely clear. The owners say that they have decided to move on from Reel Seafood and hope to open up a new concept restaurant to take its place. They are hoping that with their great location a new restaurant will have the opportunity to use that space.

The Reel Seafood Co. website said

The decision to close our wonderful and iconic restaurant was a very difficult one and not one entered into lightly. The Reel Seafood Company wishes to thank you, the customer, for your many years of support and dedication. Your support over the years is the reason Reel Seafood was the most highly regarded seafood restaurant in the Capital Region.

If you have an outstanding gift card, you can get instructions on how to redeem them on the restaurant's website. The building is now up for lease.

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