Honestly, I'm not really sure.  But, I promise you I tried to figure it out!

I had a live broadcast at Wranglers in East Greenbush over the weekend, and you may have heard me talking on the air about "Swamp Water" and you probably thought, "What the heck is Swamp Water?"

Well... I drank it.  It's a very refreshing, slightly sweet, a touch of tangy and it's got a lot of libation!  As far as I can tell, it's kind of like a Long Island Iced tea but with a Capital Region twist!  I asked the Manager of the bar, Melanie, and she said, "It's a secret!"

You'll have to just go over there and try it for yourself!

But, beware, if you go to Wranglers, you'd better be ready to have a good time!

I mean, I was only there for the afternoon and they had me roping cars on Columbia Turnpike!

But, don't worry, at 'GNA's "home away from home" if you have too much swamp water, you can always get a free cab ride home!

Thanks to Chris and the gang at Wranglers for showing us such a good time!

I'll see you next time at Wranglers!

(Photos: Bethany's collection)