I read this morning on the Times Union website that it's time once again for young women to submit their applications to the Albany Tulip Queen Selection Committee so that they can be in the running to be crowned Albany's Tulip Queen.

Cute. I get it, it's a tradition that dates back nearly 7 decades. And the winner will spend a full year working on Albany community outreach programs and educational initiatives with her court of four tulip-minions. She'll also get a $5,000 scholarship, and each court member will receive a $1,500 scholarship award upon completion of the program. So, it can be worth it financially.  Plus you'll get bragging rights forever.. amiright ladies?!

Here's my thing.

I am not really into beauty pageants, as you may know. But I understand that Tulip Queen contestants will not be judged on beauty alone. Nominees must also have a strong sense of community, be knowledgeable about the Albany area and its history, and possess leadership skills.

So, back to my original question: why can't there also be a Tulip King? It's 2017.

And, before you start judging me for asking this question, keep in mind, you're reading a post written by an expert. I am a former Maple Queen!

The town where I grew up had a very similar program, except for one minor/major detail: we had a Maple King, too. Sixteen years ago!

Which, by the way, is the only way I felt comfortable even participating (but, for the record, I am enjoying those lifelong bragging rights, and the year's supply of maple syrup was delicious).

So what do you say, Albany? Is it time? We can't apparently have a female president, but maybe we could stretch for a Tulip King?

Here's a pic of me and the court, and the Maple King Mike Brisky. Excuse the grainy photo. We may have had gender equality, but we didn't have digital cameras!

Mike, Susan, Shawna, Stacey and Me! #MapleQueen4Life

Photo: Shaw Na on Facebook
Photo: Shaw Na on Facebook
Albany Tulip Festival in Washington Park
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images



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