If you're like me, you couldn't really care any less about football, and maybe you're just watching the game for the commericals and the half time show??

Well, then you've clicked on the right blog!

In order to distract you, here are 3 fun moments from Super Bowl Halftime shows of yesteryear.... fun according to me, Bethany.

1. Before 1991, pop acts weren't used as halftime performers! They used marching bands and floats and variety show stuff.  New Kids on the Block performed in 1991 and did this controversial song - for kids.... at the Superbowl! Dumb, but exciting for me because my mom let me stay up because Joey was going to be my husband someday.  Flash forward...Joey isn't my actual husband.

My non-marriage to Joey isn't the only bad news... the show was pre-empted on ABC... so no one got to see it.  I mean, it was an important message about the Gulf War...

If you weren't in Tampa for the live show, here's YouTube to save the day - CLICK HERE to watch.


2. In 2004 when Justin Timberlake gave us the notorious "wardrobe malfunction," by exposing Janet Jackson's bejeweled nipple for about one second!  Ok, this isn't so much a fun fact... it's just funny.

3.  In 2007 Prince played the halftime show... he used a super interestingly shaped guitar and when a giant sheet dropped, his silhouette with  the guitar was super phallic.  Tee hee. (I'm 12)

Happy Superbowl, Y'all!


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