It's almost time to get back to pumping iron. Finally, some more good news related to businesses reopening here in the Capital Region.

Earlier today we found out that bowling alleys will be able to reopen at 50% capacity on Monday. That means bowlers will be in every-other lane and they have to stay in their own lane for food service. Now we're hearing there will be an announcement Monday on reopening gyms.

As reported in the Times Union gyms, malls, and movie theaters were some of the last businesses that were still waiting for guidance on reopening. Movie theaters got some guidance from Governor Cuomo in July and most thought gyms were going to announced as well. They weren't then but will be on Monday.

So what will the guidance for reopening look like? At this point, we don't know. Although, most gym owners have reconfigured their gym equipment, plan to limit occupancy, and install ample cleaning stations. So if nothing else that's a good start.

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