Chances are if you have a baby or have kids, they used this all the time when they were young. Now doctors are urging parents to stop using this popular baby item due to major injuries to infants. I know that we have all used baby walkers or know parents who have. Now a new study in the journal of Pediatrics shows that more than two hundred thousand emergency visits occurred because of baby walkers.

According to CBS News, 230,000 children fifteen months and younger were treated in emergency rooms in the U.S. for walker related injuries from the early 90s through 2014. The study shows that head and neck injuries were the most common with some being skull fractures. Many injuries were caused by infants falling down stairs or gave the babies access to dangerous appliances.

Pediatricians want parents to know that there are other options to give your child mobility and freedom rather than using the baby walker. They recommend other items like bouncers, or items that spin or rock. They just don't recommend anything with wheels.

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