If you're like me, you keep a lot of stuff in your car, it's like an extension of your home. You want to park it somewhere where you know it won't get robbed and apparently the top place in the country is right in our backyard.

I found a graphic on TitleMax that broke down the top places in the country to park your car. Vehicle theft and "carjacking" are big problems in the United States. Cars are expensive and though there are other great methods of transportation, it's usually the most direct. Plus, as I mentioned, people usually keep more than just gum and old receipts in there. Unless, you live in Glens Falls, then you're in luck!

TitleMax named Glens Falls as the "Top Metropolitan Statistical Area with the Lowest Rate of Motor Vehicle Theft per 100,000 inhabitants (2016)." Does that mean you're safe to leave your car unlocked around Glens Falls? Maybe, but I wouldn't recommend it. According to this study though, based on the worse cities and colleges- take extra precautions when traveling to Florida or California. To see the full map and the other cities nationally that made the list, you can go to their website and find the infographic.

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