It's the season of coughing and sore throats. We are always looking for a way to soothe and stop the cough. Now you don't have to rely on cough syrups, there is a sweet new remedy. A study has found that a great way to soothe that stubborn cough or sore throat...chocolate! According to News 10 ABC, English researchers have linked chocolate with respiratory health.

They did a comprehensive study with one hundred sixty three people who had a chronic cough. They used a medicine called ROCOCO which is a chocolate based medicine. Some patients received regular codeine cough syrups so they could see the difference in the treatment.

The chocolate based medication showed a significant improvement over the traditional cough syrup within two days. They also recommend sucking on a piece of chocolate to relieve coughing.

Be advised though. They say hot chocolate isn't the answer. It's not as effective because it doesn't stay on your throat that long.