Everyone has them – Thanksgiving traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Some of the more common ones go back a real long time. Get this!

You know the traditional playing a little football with the family on Thanksgiving day. Everyone seems to get into that. That tradition actually dates back to Thanksgiving day in 1876.  That according to Geneology.about.com.  That's when the first intercollegiate football championship was held.

Maddie Meyer
Maddie Meyer

How about parades?   Who doesn't at least take a glance at the Thanksgiving day parade on TV every year? You know- the Macy's one with the big Snoopy balloon every year?

88th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
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Well that dates back to 1920 when Gimbel's Department Store held it in Philadelphia.  The Macy's one started 4 years later.

And how about the good old wishbone pulling thing tot see who gets the larger end?  Get this- according to the article that goes back to 322 BC.  The Romans came up with that one.

Here are MY family's Turkey Day  traditions (not really, but it was the basis for this parody of Hank William's "Family Tradition"

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  And may one of the traditions you pass down is to to keep this world a peaceful place, cuz it's going to you know where in a hand basket lately!


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