The Small Town Tour keeps chugging along.  We had an absolute blast in Duanesburg.   Now we're going farther west, young man.  We're going to the Fonda-Fultonville area, and I am groveling for information so I can write you a song too.  

We're off to Montgomery County on Friday morning with the entire morning show.   We're actually going to be at Michael's Diner in Fultonville on 126 Main Street to be exact.

Google Earth

While there, I would love to be able to sing a song about the area, and I could definitely use some info.  Please FLOOD me with stuff!  It could be historical, factual, trivial, humorous.  You can "bullet point" me in the comment section below or email me

We're really looking forward to being there, and would love to have you there too.  See you at Michael's.