There is a phone scam where the simple act of answering the call can make you a victim.

Phone scams are usually easy to identify after a few minutes, but this one moves so quick it is a little scary. According to a News 10 story, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) says a new phone scam has made it's way to the Capital Region that takes advantage of someone simply saying 'Yes.' Sounds crazy right?

Apparently these calls will open up with a disclaimer saying you are being recorded, followed by the question 'Can you hear me?'  The scammers will record the person saying 'yes,' and will then use that recording to take advantage of them. The BBB told News 10:

“They could use the yes, as consent to buy a product or a service and then months down the line, weeks down the line, they could come back and demand payment saying you consented to this service.”

So be aware if you hear that recording disclaimer then the question 'Can you hear me?' If you do, just hang up. Or do what I would do and just reel off some choice words!  Just don't say yes!

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