I think being one of Santa's helpers must be one of the hardest jobs in the world. I mean these guys have to dress up like Santa and take all of the toy requests from boys and girls all over the world and get the lists back to Santa without forgetting anything. Ugh, I know I couldn't do it. So believe me I really appreciate these guys and I know Santa does as well but I have always wanted to be at a mall or event where the REAL Santa surprises the kids by coming himself. I think it is so cool that he does that from time to time and I imagine it helps him to stay in touch with all the kids and what they need from him each year. Now I don't think I have ever seen the REAL Santa but I think some lucky people at a mall in England did.

How do I know? Well I don't but I think you will agree when you watch this short video. I mean first of all we know Santa has to know all the languages of the world even sign language, this Santa does. Second, you know he has to have a real connection with all children and truly want to make sure they get what they want for Christmas, this Santa does.

You tell me what you think the real deal or helper???