I remember when I was younger, my Mom would always have to take a second look at all of my candy, just in case someone put in poison or razor blades. Looks like that is still happening but these awful human beings are getting more clever.

Police in Georgia has been warning citizens to keep an eye out for candy that looks like candy but isn't really candy that kids may get while trick-or-treating. LadBible is reporting that the Dublin Police Department (Georgia) have commented that they look like Sweet Tarts. The pills have been seen in variety of shapes and colors to attract children and even have been stamped like candy to look more legitimate.

Though so far, thankfully, nothing has been mentioned around here but it's never a bad idea to keep an extra careful eye on your child's candy. There are a bunch of places you can either turn in your candy or make sure the candy is safe, ask your local Police or Fire Department. It's hard to believe anyone would do this to kids but think: we tell our kids to stay away from strangers but we spend a whole day telling kids to not only walk up to them, but accept food from them too!

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