Watervliet Warning of Police and ICE Impersonators
Here we go again. Every time we turn around it seems scammers are trying new ways to steal our personal information. This time it's the Watervliet Police with a warning about scammers impersonating police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents over the phone.
Beware of Venmo Scam
If you use Venmo to send payment to vendors, friends, and family, you need to be aware of a scam that is going around.
Popular Beers That Contain Traces Of Weed Killer
Unless you're trying to prevent dandelions from growing in your stomach, a recent study might concern you.  All kidding aside, it's quite alarming to know that traces of the active ingredient found in 'Roundup!' was also found in some of the most popular beers and wines.
Man Leaves Creepy Message On Little Girl’s Watch
Imagine purchasing a watch for your young child as a safety precaution, only to find that it's being used by creepers to lure your child into cars and other dangerous situations. It happened, and the mom who bought the watch for her daughter is warning other parents who may have purchased one a…

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