In December, I volunteered for a life-changing event where I placed wreaths at graves of our fallen soldiers at Saratoga National Cemetery. If you missed that, there's another opportunity that I'll be a part of coming up for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is coming up and a lot of people focus on having a day off, camping, or where they're going for a barbeque. What a lot of people miss is the real reason we take note of this day.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday to remember and honor people who have died while serving this country, while fighting to keep this country safe and free. Regardless of how you feel on the various wars we've been a part of, these people put their lives on the line for millions of people they've never met before.

This year, I'll be taking time to go to Saratoga National Cemetery to help place flags at the graves of those who fought in the armed forces. It's strange to me that I haven't seen a ton of information on this event but I did see that advertised it coming up. On Saturday, May 25th, starting at 8:00am, they need help placing flags at every soldier/soldier's family member's gravesite. Afterward, they will hold a Memorial Day Ceremony to honor and pay tribute to their services.

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