Every year there are thousands of volunteers and thousands of wreaths that are placed on soldiers gravestones at the Saratoga National Cemetery. The plan is the same this year but the procedure is going to be a bit different. They need your help. Here's how. According to News Channel 13, every year around Christmas time, thousands of volunteers scattered throughout the Saratoga National Cemetery to lay Christmas wreaths upon all of the soldiers' gravestones. This year, organizers have to do things differently because of the coronavirus pandemic but they are determined to make it happen.

Volunteers will be sent out through the Saratoga National Cemetery the Saturday before Christmas to place the wreaths on the headstones. This year, however, the ceremony and the placement will be a bit different. The decorated wreaths come for Wreaths Across America. Those wreaths are purchased from sponsors who buy them for fifteen dollars each before the end of November. They are then shipped to the cemetery to be placed.

Things will be done differently. On December 19th, usually, two thousand volunteers arrive to place the wreaths on the headstones of the heroes. There is a ceremony before they go out into the cemetery.

This year, because of COVID, organizers are worried that they won't have enough sponsors to purchase the wreaths. Thirteen thousand one hundred are needed this year. It is usually open to the public but the ceremony will be live-streamed instead on the Saratoga National Cemetery Facebook Page. Volunteers are still needed, they will be staggering them this year in two-hour blocks.

To sponsor a wreath for a soldier click HERE. To find out how you can volunteer at the Saratoga National Cemetery click HERE.

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