While many of the local parades and gatherings have already been canceled, in some areas, events may be planned.  On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo told the citizens of New York what to expect for Memorial Day in terms of ceremonies and gatherings.  He noted that while it's important to honor our veterans on Memorial Day, we need to do so according to CDC guidelines.  This will impact traditional parades and gatherings, but the governor did offer some solutions so that we can honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

During Tuesday's coronavirus press briefing, Governor Cuomo acknowledged the challenges we face as we move closer to Memorial Day.  While many of the local parades have been canceled, according to CBS 6 News, Cuomo did say that ceremonies and gatherings that are held will need to be capped at 10 people in accordance with CDC guidelines.

He also went on to say that in an attempt to honor the tradition of Memorial Day,  he "hopes these ceremonies are broadcast...televised in their areas."

According to CBS 6 News, Cuomo encouraged New Yorkers to honor the veterans through vehicle parades.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, this message will be adhered to by members of the New York chapter of the Veterans of Foreign War.  According to the source, VFW's will abide to the mandates set forth by the state until the pandemic is over.

Back in April, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan announced that the Albany Memorial Day parade was canceled to the outbreak of COVID-19.  The parade was scheduled for Monday, May 25th.  There is no word on what the city of Albany has planned moving forward.

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