This week, Brian's mom (Mama Codes) left a message on his cell phone to tell him about a situation that occurred when his father (enter Papa Codes) left a costumer in the barber chair to run after some money he saw laying on the ground outside.

Do your parents leave ridiculous voicemails on your cell? Every week, Brian from the GNA morning show will attempt to 'clean out' the voicemail messages left from his parents and air some their hilarious ramblings for you to enjoy.  Brian's mother and father are both in their mid-seventies and have celebrated 50 years as a happily married couple. They enjoy casinos, going to the same 3 restaurants over and over, and annoying the hell out of one another.  They also enjoy leaving long-winded voicemails on their kid's phone complaining about each other and sometimes a$$-dialing them for the entire 3 minutes that iPhone allows. \



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