If you are looking for a part or full-time job, there is a Capital Region school district that is in desperate need of bus drivers. Here's how to apply. According to News 10 ABC, many Saratoga Springs School District bus drivers are putting in a lot of overtime hours because there is a huge shortage. There was a route consolidation and now the staff has to work extra to make it run smoothly.

Saratoga Springs is looking to fill about a dozen full and part-time positions as soon as possible. Right now everyone is pitching in including mechanics, dispatchers, and administrators. This is the worst shortage the district has ever seen.

If you are interested in working as a bus driver for the Saratoga Springs School District, you can apply as a driver by clicking HERE. No experience is necessary and you would be off when your kids are off of school. Bus drivers make about $19.00 per hour.

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