It's taken months to plan, but the time is almost here for the very first Tattoo Convention in Upstate New York!

The beauty of living where we do is how centrally located we are to some of the biggest cities and events in the Northeast. Boston, Manhattan, Hartford, Portland, Hershey, everything is only a couple hours drive from our beautiful hometown area.

Tattoo lovers and artists will be rallying together this weekend in Syracuse for another huge event and the first of it's kind in Upstate New York: "Upstate New York Tattoo Convention" Aug. 12-14 at the Oncenter Convention Center, 800 South State Street in Syracuse. A simple drive that's under three hours will get you to experience the work of over 100 tattoo artists from all across the country and even some coming from Canada!

So what makes this different from the Am-Jam Tattoo Expo that's taken place in Syracuse for the last 30 years? Event creator, Carmelo Silva says that it's sideshows will set it apart. Those sideshows include fire eaters, knife jugglers and magicians. So, you're in for a lot of entertainment!

Along with tattoo vendors, expect piercing experts, tattoo removal, as well as contests for best & weirdest tattoos and seminars for tattoo artists on new techniques.

You can get more information about the convention here.

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