Local Woman Charged With Tattooing A 13 Year Old
More and more minors are able to get tattoos with or without parents consent nowadays, and an 18 year old local woman is now facing charges for tattooing a minor.  The girl that was tattooed was only 13 years old.
I Can Get Tattoo With My Dog's Bark? Yes Please
I have a lot of audio saved of many family members and some of my pets. It's just the nature of the business. I bring Ryan into the station and have him record various things. I also have a set-up at my house to capture audio. So when I saw what this tattoo company is doing, I was intrigued.
Top 10 Most Removed Tatoos
Removing a tattoo can be painful and expensive . . . but it might be worth it to get rid of your ex's name on your boob!
A new study looked at the tattoos people are most likely to get REMOVED.
Here are the top 10 most common -
1.  Your ex's name...
Miranda Lambert, Gwen Sebastian and RaeLynn Get Matching Tats
Miranda Lambert, Gwen Sebastian, and RaeLynn got matching "musical note" tattoos on their forearms at a tour stop in Oklahoma. Miranda posted an Instagram pic and wrote, "I love @RaeLynnOfficial and @GwenSebastian. Inked in perfect harmony! #SisterInk #TattoosInTulsa #Cert…
New Tat for Brian
Brian Kelley, of Florida Georgia Line had a tat on his forearm that he hated, so, he got it fixed.  He covered it with a scene of a palm tree - he tweeted before and after pics -
Do you think the "before" is really that bad? Do you have any tattoos that you regret...
Scott’s First Tattoo Experience
I have wanted to get a tattoo for quite sometime. But I never knew what I wanted and then was never really sure where it should go. I think I was really just nervous about the whole process and was just procrastinating and always putting it off.