"It can be argued that a human is the some of his experiences". That's a quote from Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, "Emissary". How did I know that?  I googled it!  I couldn't quote anything from Star Trek.   But these guys sure could!

There's a guy from Port Henry, New York who has not only loved Star Trek since he was a kid, but has continued his enthusiam in a really bizzare new way.   He took over a defunct car dealership and turned it into a ...wait for it...MOVIE STUDIO. And what kind of movies does James Cawley produce?   Star Trek -the Next Phase!  His whole idea is to keep Star Trek alive by producing new episodes!   He uses all amateurs, and nobody gets paid. (The head of set construction actually works for Valvoline!)    They recreate all the costumes, the sets, the makeup -the whole "9".

According to information from The Daily.com ,  they've already shot 9 episodes and have been doing this since 2003.    And I'm including a link here so you can see what they do.  It's unbelievable.

I hope you enjoyed this.  And good luck to this production company.  (Wow, Port Henry?  Now there's a place where no man has gone before!)